Terry has achieved great things in his chosen field of entertainment. Nominated for numerous awards including an Australian “MO AWARD” in 2010, he is also responsible for creating production shows, street theatre, children’s inter-active shows, pop and rock bands, promoting young performers, compering, acting and even modelling.

But it is performing that he loves to do most and it shows. He grew up where music from all genres was played on a nightly basis. Although a child of the 60’s, he can remember pub pianos with someone playing the “bones” and when he was naughty his Mum would put “Camelot” or “O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A” on the stereo.
This now gives him the ability to recall literally thousands of songs to delight and enthral his audience.

A veteran of more than 3000 live shows in Australia and Indonesia, Terry has also compered two cabaret shows a week since 2000, Terry is now moving to the front of the cabaret stage.

His song list is a “who’s who” of popular music from the great
and standard hits to those songs we almost forgot about until Terry delivers them to us once again. Robbie Williams, Tom Jones,
Englebert, Patsy, Elton John and if the band can play it, maybe a request from the crowd and it won’t stop him just because it’s a “girlie’ song. You must admit that it’s great to see some-one on stage who still has a passion for not only performing but entertaining people as well. A song, a story or a joke to keep the audience right there, on the journey with him.